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HNK Split
   09-08-2018 18:35
I can confirm that mission 15/24 is available. But passphrases are too complicated. Lost an hour on 2 passphrases. Arhitect answer is all small latters and no croatian letters in lastname. As for mission 24 .. i would like to thank local players for help with mission 24 which answer is Julius Caesar. Posting it here for help. Also the mission would work better for foreigners if it was led portal by portal because i had to walk back and forth to find my way to the last portals in some missions.. thia would not happen if i were a Splitcanin since i would know which narrow street leads where

Day of the Dead viva la Mexico
   24-05-2018 8:32
Liked the picture, didnt like the routing.. had several hickups and walking back and forth and crossing the main streets lots of times waiting for green light. But all in all a great banner