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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Louis de Funès 6 Beliebig The french actor, born July 31st, 1914, is well known for his role of Cruchot in Le Gendarm de St. Tropez. Hack portals behind the Holstentor and answer a few questions about this actor.
2 Gert Fröbe 6 Der Reihe nach The famous german actor, born February 25th, 1913, is well known for his role of Goldfinger in the 1964 James Bond movie with same name. Hack portals and answer a few questions about this actor.
3 OLA - Lübeck 6 Der Reihe nach Praise the mighty Link Amp. To worship "The Order of The Link Amps" install Link Amps on all assigned portals and receive glorious blessings. #HeExtends
4 Dom zu Lübeck 19 Der Reihe nach Farming all Portals surrounding the Cathedral of Lübeck.
5 University Lübeck 13 Der Reihe nach A challenging campus mission.
6 Lübeck Extreme #2 100 Der Reihe nach Visit 100 portals in the southern part of the Old Town.
7 Boltenhagen 19 Beliebig Visit all Portals in Boltenhagen.
8 Holstentor 10 Der Reihe nach Short & simple stroll at the Holstentor.
9 Jean-Paul Belmondo 6 Beliebig This famous french actor, born April 9th, 1933, started his movie career in 1959. Hack portals at Lindenplatz and answer few questions about this actor.
10 Chuck Norris 6 Beliebig The american actor and martial artist , born March 10, 1940, is well known for action movies. Hack Portals and answer a few questions about this actor.
11 Schönberg 8 Der Reihe nach Visit Schönberg.
12 Aegidienkirche 7 Der Reihe nach The Aegidienkirche (St. Giles Church) could survive French invasion by Napoleon and mostly even II. World War impact of the town. To complete this mission a little research is required.
13 Lübeck Extreme #1 100 Der Reihe nach Visit 100 portals in the northern part of the Old Town.
14 Clint Eastwood 6 Beliebig Hack portals to get Clint Eastwood into your profile.
15 Wissenschaftspfad 10 Der Reihe nach Lübeck gewann den Titel "Stadt der Wissenschaft" im Jahre 2012. Die Exponate wurden zwischen Februar und November einzeln eingeweiht. Agenten, entdeckt die Wissenschaft!
16 Lübeck Drägerpark 11 Beliebig Relaxing time at Lübeck's beautiful park and playground... But don't take it too easy! This is a tough mission for professional agents only.
17 To de Nah 17 Beliebig Entdecke alle Portale in Nahe. Funde datiert 7000 vChr. belegen eine Besiedelung der Region bereits in der Steinzeit. Ein erster schriftlicher Nachweis der Siedlung ist datiert 1457 nChr.
18 Karl May Spiele Segeberg 6 Der Reihe nach Eine Mission Rund um den Kalkberg.
19 St. Lorenz 7 Der Reihe nach Small mission at St. Laurence's Church behind the Central Station.
20 Central Station 5 Beliebig Short & sweet mission close to the Hauptbahnhof Lübeck.
21 Klütz 7 Der Reihe nach Vist Klütz.
22 Priwall Ferry 6 Beliebig Take the ferry between Priwall and Travemünde. Fee: EUR 1.20 adults, EUR 3.70 cars
   17-11-2018 23:55
i did this mission because of the picture and because its not 'the usual' area of bcn.

not sure if that was a good idea doing a mission with no review and not checking the route carefully in advance on the map. so had to mark it non 24/7.

first mission crossing large street two times has not been well planned. same happend also with the last mission.
in general the portals are not always in an expected line, sometimes (new) portals you pass which are not included, but sometimes you have to go back because they will be later.

had to stop on mission 3 which includes portals of cementario de sant andreu which is closed at night and opens 0800 again.

some missions start with the last portal of the previous mission, so you should keep a mod slot free for a heat sink (happens twice).
mission 15 wasnt easy because there are custruction works currently, but when mission 16 takes the same way back with the portals included in previous mission you'll get capture/upgrade of a portal you might have fully deployed already. as it's annual 4 mods per player time, i was lucky that i had a mod slot free and didnt need to flip it.

it is playable but feels like an early alpha version. with serious review and some fine tuning i guess it won't annoy anymore the agents trying it.
general routing is ok, but needs swapping of some portals or include others than current. doesn't make sense to have portals in line of streets which are parallel and there is no walking through the buildings. so you end up entering a street, walk to the portal and get same way back to main road, just to do same on next crossing again....

i bet it can be done in half the time with some effort in review and resubmitting.