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   11-02-2019 11:28
No.17 has open time, 0900~1800.

   20-09-2018 11:30
Best series I ever completed.

   11-09-2018 19:15
This place call Coast Guard Administration.
The entire portals are MILITARY AREA, no accessible for ordinary public citizen.

Start from T2, move route from T2, South wing, T1 and North wing.
for Departure floor restricted area only, which mean you need to fly after solve this.

Be sure you have 3 more hours for solve this and board your flight without final call.

You can solve first 6 missions out of the restricted area if you start your trip from TPE, but that is more difficult to catch first 6 missions' portals. I suggest solve its before your departure day, when the day you fly, make sure you can check-in first on your flight for make more time before you boarding.