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# Name Portale Aktion
1 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-左營站 6 Beliebig 一樣,請注意週邊
2 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-台北站 24 Beliebig 台北車站是重要的交通樞紐,週邊也有許多平常不會注意的事物。
3 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-嘉義站 8 Beliebig 太保市
4 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-南港站 15 Beliebig 車站週邊晃一晃,來看一些平常不會注意到的事物吧。
5 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-苗栗站 7 Beliebig 請注意車站週邊事物
6 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-雲林站 6 Beliebig 這站週遭的點比較少,得多走點路到外面
7 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-新竹站 12 Beliebig 沿著車站週圍四處看看吧
8 高鐵站紀念章巡禮-台南站 7 Beliebig 台南
   11-02-2019 11:28
No.17 has open time, 0900~1800.

   20-09-2018 11:30
Best series I ever completed.

   11-09-2018 19:15
This place call Coast Guard Administration.
The entire portals are MILITARY AREA, no accessible for ordinary public citizen.
(reported to NIA and no response)

Start from T2, move route from T2, South wing, T1 and North wing.
for Departure floor restricted area only, which mean you need to fly after solve this.

Be sure you have 3 more hours for solve this and board your flight without final call.

You can solve first 6 missions out of the restricted area if you start your trip from TPE, but that is more difficult to catch first 6 missions' portal. I suggest solve its before your departure day, when the day you fly, make sure you can check-in first on your flight for make more time before you boarding.