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Svatý Václav
   13-03-2018 1:18
Ok, so we managed to this mission in February, park was open but till 4p.m. we managed to get there few minutes after 4p.m. We couldn't get in but we managed to get all the portals from outside, we just had to go around few times. Also around mission 20something there is a restaurant in some kind of a church/monastery. You must enter main door like to the restaurant and go through the corridor to enter a patio where is one of the portals located. Try to do this during the day, we were walking in complete darkness with only flash lights in our phones and batteries running out . It was tiring but in the end great walk around the city. Would recommend but start early in the morning.

Planetarium EC1 Łódź
   13-03-2018 1:11
It was, quick on bike but could be quicker, some road crossings. It was up to date, but I had problems with 14 mission to find. I found starting portal via this site. :)