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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Bron/Broen/The Bridge - tv show locations 26 Beliebig Locations where the Nordic Noir tv show "The Bridge" was filmed. It's not that interesting. This contains spoilers from season One. This is over a wide area not recommended to do on foot.
2 Malmö - Västergatan 9 Beliebig Visit an old part of Malmö, with historic buildings and good food.
   20-04-2017 10:31
We did the first line only as a souvenir. Worked well for us and I personally don't like the look of the rest of the banner.

Victoria Station
   15-04-2017 21:16
Mission doubles back and reuses the same portals a few times. Some waypoints and portals are hard to reach and might require creativity or trespassing. Such as the Taj hotel. The missions skips some portals that would have be more useful. The missions are generally rated low in ingress and deserves the rating. It was fun to discover new areas of London and see the nice and not so nice parts of Westminster etc.

   12-04-2017 23:24
Very nice, beautiful areas and parks. You visit some areas with local cafés and resturang.

Odense Tour
   10-04-2017 14:42
You get a good tour around town. But it has some wierd routes around mission 8-10 and to the military museum around 18-20. The later is more than 600m to the next portal. I believe the museum is closed so I wouldn't do it 24/7. We did it in one day on foot. But we were late to our meeting with the very nice local frogs.