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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Churches in Hanwell 7 Der Reihe nach Discover religious side of Hanwell
Kew Gardens
   23-04-2019 11:23
Just as per Chyl314's review - there is a plethora of new portals within Kew Garden grounds that could now be added to make the banner more logical. I did the banner in a bit different order by swapping missions 5 and 6 due to lunch break.

Statue of Liberty
   15-04-2019 12:19
There are three parks that are closed at night and two of them have portals inaccessible at night - so plan ahead. This banner, hack-only, is doable in 7h - I decided to capture/glyph hack and field/link as much possible and it took me around 12h. I had massive drift around WTC memorial, took me alone 30 minutes to complete the two missions there, but everything else went smoothly.

Big Apple
   10-04-2019 16:03
I've never had to cross the road so many times to get to a portal. Overall the route is really good and takes one around - definitely shorter than 4h, but prepare to upgrade portals for every first portal of new mission (don't fill all the slots on the last hack of a mission!) and last mission has a "create a field" on last portal that was, at least for me, rather difficult to reach.

The Ale Trail
   19-11-2018 18:24
Fully accessible 24/7.

Nice and easy, but purposely omits quite a lot of portals.

The Cake is a Lie
   21-08-2018 10:25
Quick, nice banner that takes you through portal and restaurant dense part of West End.

Wrocławskie krasnale
   31-07-2018 9:48
Really nice and easy banner that takes one through most of tourist spots in Old Town.

Worth completing as a part of a group as it's a perfect banner to throw some microfields.

Doable 24/7

Hidden London Walks Hammersmith
   05-07-2018 11:08
Takes you through beautiful Chiswick House and gardens that closes between 4pm in December and 9:30 pm in - June and July.

Beautiful walk along the river both in Hammersmith and Brentford, but sometimes the distance between portals is a bit too long.

A day at the museum
   30-06-2018 20:50
So, the banner is now almost complete - the mission 28 is missing.

The museum part is really easy, a lot of waypoints reachable from the same spot. GPS can be a bit difficult to work with indoors, but Wi-Fi is free and helps quite a bit.

Second leg, missions 24-48, which is also not pictured here, takes you through Hyde Park (Albert Memorial, Serpentine, Italian Gardens, Diana Memorial), side streets east of Exhibition Road toward Harrods, along Walton Street and then Fullham Road, only to take you back in front of Natural History Museum/Victoria and Albert and to the finish in front of the South Kensington station.

Quite pleasant walk.

Kingdom of Brunel
   19-03-2018 22:42
Nice and easy banner that takes you through every portal on the campus.

Wren s Churches
   18-11-2017 2:58
A few heatsinks might be needed for those who rush, one definitely as one mission near Cannon Street ends on the same portal as the next one begins.

Ingress Audio Player
   14-09-2017 18:23
Quick and easy, I completed it in a different order than pictured, but still works fine ;-)

StE17 UK
   25-08-2017 17:45
Nice and easy - takes you by the best lunch spot in the City - Porterford Butchers ;-)