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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Redmond Town Center 18 Beliebig Explore Redmond Town Center: Redmond's largest Mall.
2 North West University 9 Beliebig See the university grounds which includes disc golf, sculptures and historic buildings.
3 Rattlesnake Ledge 4 Beliebig Hike from Rattlesnake Lake to the first of 3 Ledges. Round trip is 4 miles, with an elevation gain of 1160 feet. Near North Bend, well maintained trail, open year round. Caveat: Poor cell reception.
4 Lake Street Stroll 14 Beliebig Walk along Lake St from Downtown Kirkland, to Houghton Beach. Visit David Brink Park and Marsh Park along the way.
5 Fremont Monsuang 13 Beliebig Walk around the historic block in the middle of Fremont starting at Monsuang.
6 Wallace Falls - Upper Falls 4 Beliebig For an extra challenge, go to the upper falls at Wallace Falls State Park.
7 Way points in Alviso 15 Der Reihe nach A mission to let you read the many way point information available in this historic spot in Alviso.
8 Mailbox Peak 8 Beliebig Hike up this very steep trail. 9.4 miles roundtrip. Elevation gain 4000 ft. Poor cell reception. Discover Pass required.
9 Explore Marymoor Park 7 Beliebig Visit Marymoor Park and explore the sights.
10 Bellevue College 18 Beliebig Explore the campus of Bellevue College, third largest institution of higher learning in Washington.
11 Butterfly at Anderson Park 11 Der Reihe nach Make a butterfly field at Anderson Park. Caveat - This is an advanced mission. You may need to clear links, use heat syncs, flip cards and order is important.
12 Mason Lake 4 Beliebig Mason Lake is a 3.5 mile hike. The portals are less than that, but its worth the hike.
13 Salmon Days 8 Beliebig Follow the salmon down Issaquah creek toward Lake Sammamish and learn about Salmon Days. This mission is a tour around downtown Issaquah with a salmon theme.
14 Dinosaurs and Icecream: Fremont Apatosaurus 4 Beliebig Fremont is home to an Apatosaurus and its baby topiary. See the dinosaurs, then visit Theo Chocolate, a dragon, and try some Gelato.
15 Picturesque Park Lane 16 Beliebig Take a walk along picturesque which is dotted with restaurants, galleries and street art. Then continue around the block to complete a tour of this downtown Kirkland block. Note: Under construction.
16 Green Lake 72 Beliebig Walk or bike around Green Lake. 2.8 mile paved trail. Takes about 90 minutes walking.
17 Carillon Point 12 Beliebig Walk the waterfront of Carillon Point. This area has a rich history as a ship yard and marina.
18 Kirkland Bakery Crawl 7 Beliebig Visit some of Kirkland delicious bakeries. Best done on foot if you dont want to gain weight!
19 Fremont Bridge 4 Beliebig Take a walk across Fremont Bridge. Built in 1917, the Fremont Bridge opens an average of 35 times a day, which makes it the most frequently opened drawbridge in the United States. Look up.. Rapunzel!
20 Stately 9 Beliebig State Street in Kirkland offers a labyrinth, a historic mansion and several churches. It makes a nice walk from downtown Kirkland to the Houghton markets. The streets just east have secret trails.
21 Climb Everest 11 Beliebig Get your sherpa, we're going to Everest! Everest Park that is. Climbing is optional, but Rupee the dog climbed Everest, so you should at least take a walk around the park.
22 Murdo Part 1 of 150 6 Der Reihe nach Visit all the portals in the continent, many times over and over.
23 Saint John's Secret 4 Beliebig When John became an apostle, he was 24 years old, unmarried and lived with his parents. He went on to become an author of 4 books, including the Bible. His church also has a labyrinth.
24 Juanita Boardwalk 30 Beliebig Walk along this wetland boardwalk and explore the marsh. You may see herons, turtles or an eagle.
25 Into the Woods 5 Der Reihe nach Once upon a time, an agent wandered into the woods. If you dare go at night, you may want to leave a trail of keys.
26 Little Si 4 Beliebig Hike to the summit of Little Si. 4.7 miles round trip with elevation gain of 1300 ft. Enjoy the view of North Bend. You may spot some climbers on this popular mountain.
27 Cross Kirkland Corridor - North 9 Beliebig Kirkland's Cross Corridor trail continues to Totem Lake, and just beyond. This mission is 3.1 miles walking or biking trail one way.
28 McAuliffe Pea Patch 17 Beliebig Take a stroll around McAuliffe Park in Juanita. McAuliffe features a farm, community garden, historic buildings, farming equipment and picnic area.
29 Cross Kirkland Corridor - South 4 Beliebig Walk or Ride the Cross Corridor Trail in Kirkland. The full trail is 5.75 miles. This mission does a south section.
30 SR520 Floating Bridge Freeway Challenge 4 Beliebig Cross Lake Washington on the Evergreen Point floating bridge. The lake is up to 214 feet deep. Watch for eagles that perch on the lap posts. This toll bridge is free between 11pm and 5am.
31 Heritage Park 9 Beliebig Explore Kirkland's historic school yard now known as Heritage Park.
32 Crestwood Park Trail Stairway 4 Der Reihe nach Climb 210 stairs from Forbes Creek to Crestwood Park. The record for climbing these stairs is 38 seconds!
33 Bridle Trails Park 6 Beliebig This introductory driving mission takes you around the perimeter of 482 acre equestrian friendly Bridle Trails State Park.
34 Movie Night in Redmond: Bottega 4 Beliebig Do a mission and see a movie in Redmond. The Latin word Bottega means the studio of a master artist, in which lesser artists, apprentices, or students learn by participating in the work.
35 Movie Night in Crossroads: Stadium 8 4 Beliebig Do a mission and see a movie at Crossroads Stadium 8 theatre. Opened in 1989, this was the last theatre in the Puget Sound area to be built by Luxury Theatres.
36 Redmond: Bicycle Rack Capital of the North West 8 Beliebig Redmond has the most bike racks per capita of any city in the North West. So you wont have to go far to find them.
37 Rattlesnake Lake 6 Beliebig Walk along Snoqualmie Valley Trail from Rattlesnake Lake to the Cedar River Watershed Education Center. 0.5 miles. Caveat - reception is poor.
38 Redmond Brewery Tour 5 Beliebig Tour the beer breweries of Redmond from Mac & Jack's Brewery in Marymoor to Black Raven Brewing Company.
39 Marsh Park 10 Beliebig Visit March Park in Kirkland. Named after the Marsh family that lived here since 1890, this beach park is half way along Lake St between David Brink Park and Houghton Beach.
40 Saline City 13 Der Reihe nach Saline City is the former name of Drawbridge, CA. It is a the bay area's only ghost town. At its height, it had 90 buildings. Catch the train to pass thru the remanents of this histric town.
41 Yarrow Bay Wetlands Park 5 Beliebig Walk this short trail thru 73 acre wetland park in Yarrow Bay, south Kirkland.
42 Wedgy 9 Beliebig Go crazy linking up Wedgwood!
43 Cedar Butte Trail 6 Beliebig Hike to Cedar Butte summit, near Rattlesnake Lake. 3.5 miles round trip. 900 feet elevation gain. Caveat reception is poor at trailhead.
44 Yarrow - Lake Washington Boulevard 10 Beliebig Take a slow drive along the Yarrow section of Lake Washington Boulevard. To the west is Yarrow Bay Park, Carillon Point Marina and former location of Lake Washington Shipyard shipyard.
45 Viggen 1 of 24 6 Der Reihe nach Visit Mountain View which has a rich history of aeronautics. In the past there were dirigables. Now there is NASA. And in the future, flying cars. The Viggen is one of the few canard jet fighters.
46 Something Fishy 13 Beliebig Visit the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. Once a year this is the epicenter for the weekend festival Salmon Days, where you see salmon fry released and learn all about salmon and enjoy some good food.
47 Houghton Lynx 18 Beliebig Lynx have been spotted in Houghton. You mission is to cast links from each portal at Houghton Beach. Be careful to cast one from each.
48 Hello Kitty 5 Beliebig Park at the Kingsgate Park N Ride and take a short walk. Look under the road; Theres some cool art below! Capture Hello Kitty Revolution.
49 Marymoor Heron Loop Trail 13 Beliebig Walk along this Audubon bird trail to the marsh on north Lake Sammamish. You may spot herons perched in the trees. Enjoy the view of the north of the lake. Trail loops around for different way back.
50 Bridle Trails Raven Loop 8 Beliebig Walk this 1 mile loop in the north west corner of Bridle Trails. This is the shortest of the 3 trails: Raven, Trillium and Coyote. Caveat: Cell reception is a little weak in the woods.
51 Peter Kirk Park 19 Beliebig Take a walkabout Peter Kirk Park. This park features a baseball field, skate park, play ground and tennis courts.
52 Childish 5 Beliebig Take a walking tour of art with children in downtown Kirkland.
53 Houghton Beach 18 Beliebig Visit Kirkland's Houghton Beach Park. Named after Willard Houghton, a local lumberman, this beach features volleyball, a playground and pier.
54 Talus Rocks Trail 6 Beliebig Talus rocks are boulders that tumbled down Tiger Mountain. They have caves underneath. The loop takes about 1 hour. Bring a flash light so you can peer into the caves. Discover Pass for parking.
55 Wallace Falls - Lower Falls 8 Beliebig Hike the scenic Wallace Falls trail to the Lower Falls overlook. This is a relatively easy 4.0 mile round trip hike, but for extra challenge you can continue after the mission to the Upper Falls.
56 Kirkland Marina 33 Beliebig Take a short walking tour around Kirkland Marina and Lake St. See restaurants, pubs, statues, a beach, the Pavilion. and more. In the summer there is a farmer's market and evening concerts.
57 Historic North Bend 6 Beliebig Explore the historic past of North Bend.
58 David Brink Park 11 Beliebig Visit David Brink Park in Kirkland: A peaceful little park on Kirkland's waterfront that features a Pier, statues and benches to enjoy the sunset.
59 West Tiger 3 12 Beliebig Hike the West Tiger 3 Trail, to the first and most popular of 3 peaks of West Tiger Mountain. 6 miles round trip. 2100 feet elevation gain. Open year round. Dogs on leash ok. Discover Pass.
60 Bridle Trails Trillium Loop 18 Beliebig Walk or ride your horse, along the Trillium Loop of Bridle Trails. The trail is named after a flower. Dogs on leash are okay. 1.7 miles. Caveat - reception is poor.
61 South Rosehill Park 4 Beliebig Visit South Rose Hill regional park. Hack 3 portals and link the 2 south portals. Then cast the field from the north.
62 Historic Kirkland 16 Beliebig Learn about Kirkland's industrious past as you explore the sites of the Cannery, the old school house, the Sears building, ship yards, aircraft and more.
63 Medina Park 10 Beliebig Walk around the ponds of Medina Park in west Bellevue. Medina has the 2nd highest per-capita income in Washington, and is named after a city in Saudi Arabia. Trees are protected by law.
64 Snow Lake 6 Beliebig Hike to the far side of Snow Lake at Snoqualmie Pass. 3 miles and 1300 ft elevation gain.
65 Bellevue Downtown Park 40 Beliebig Take a walk around this half mile circular park with a series of water falls and a pond.
66 Bellevue Asian Food 4 Beliebig A few fabulous restaurants for authentic Asian food in downtown Bellevue.
67 Wavy Glass - Kirkland Edition 7 Beliebig Bus stops in Kirkland featuring murals and glass work.
68 Sports in Kirkland 6 Beliebig Visit Seahawks historic headquarters in Kirkland. Check out a Huskys cruise. And see 'The Natural' little league baseball statue donated by Lee Johnson.
69 Mt Si 4 Beliebig Climb Mt Si, one of Seattle areas most popular trails. Named after Josiah "Uncle Si" Merritt. Elevation gain of 3500 ft and 4 miles to summit. Optional class 3 scramble to Haystack. Discover Pass.
70 Kirkland Cityhall 4 Beliebig Explore the cityhall complex in Kirkland.
Cali RES Flag
   14-10-2018 1:43
Starts at Mission Number One.
First 12 are four laps around the park.
Next 12 are four driving laps.

You Mad Bro
   24-06-2018 3:33
The Ingress mosaik currently shows the wrong mission for number 18. It should be Face Nine.
The individual missions are short but spread out.
Hack on Main Street overlaps with underwater on several portals;. Requires a few heat sinks.

Special Halloween Mural
   04-06-2018 23:36
This banner is not online.

Porter Squiggle
   15-04-2018 0:31
As of April 2018 the order has been changed to 1 to 18.

   01-03-2018 4:21
The order should be:
#1 Like a boss - Y
#2 Historic Train - H
#3 The Wall - C
#4 Overfelt - A
#5 Nevergreen - E
#6 Nintendoland - P
Which will spell out 'PEACHY'

Resist Hayward
   30-08-2017 7:41
8am to 4pm for Japanese garden

Krazy Kelso
   27-03-2017 1:15
Passphrases are easy questions about the portals.

Citrus Heights Sights
   21-02-2017 0:33
Missions 17 and 18 each have a portal in a gated community

Bellevue City
   18-02-2017 18:31
Missions 11 and 12 cant be done due to construction.

Betty s Glasses
   28-01-2017 8:11
Mission 17 is unpublished as of Jan 27. Check it's online before starting.