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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Vickers Park Scavenger Hunt 13 Versteckte Mission Vickers Park is a beautiful green space, offering a great place to play, picnic or Ingress.
2 Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Fort William 11 Versteckte Mission This scavenger hunt will test your knowledge of the landscape of the downtown core of Fort William
3 Thunder Bay November 2017 Ingress FS 15 Der Reihe nach This is a special one time mission for the participants of the November 2017 IFS. Take a lap around Friendship Gardens to earn this badge. Please see your event leader for the passcode.
4 Do the Waterloo Cruise 7 Beliebig Cargress is a time honoured tradition in Ingress, cruise along Waterloo street to complete this mission. Please be cautious, do not drive distracted!
5 Explore the Churches in Downtown Fort William 15 Der Reihe nach There are many churches in around the downtown south core of Thunder Bay. This mission will take you around to the many churches of various denominations in the area.
6 Do the Edward Street Cruise 12 Beliebig Cargress is a time honoured tradition in Ingress. Be cautious, do not drive distracted!
7 Historic Landmarks in Downtown Fort William 7 Beliebig From the early French explorers, through the Scottish fur traders, Fort William has been an integral part of Canadian history.
8 Take a walk around Victoriavile Mall 11 Beliebig Situated on the cross streets of Victoria and Syndicate, the mall as been a landmark since the early 80s
9 Churches In Westfort 10 Beliebig The ward of Westfort has a variety of old and not so old churches of various denominations.
10 Belle Baie-Comeau 8 Beliebig L'origine de Baie-Comeau commence au 19ème siècle comme Vieux-Poste, la ville moderne a été créée en 1936. Faites une promenade dans l'histoire et profitez de la beauté le long du Saint-Laurent.
11 Clang! Clang! Clang! Goes the Trolley 24 Beliebig Victoria Avenue was once a major thoroughfare of the old trolley transit system. Other than some imagery around the city, what remains are the memories of those who lived in the era.
12 Churches in Downtown Fort William 7 Beliebig You can take a walk through the historic downtown Fort William, and find many churches of various denominations.
13 Thunder Bay South Historic Landmarks 13 Der Reihe nach This mission will take you around the Fort William downtown core, and guide you to historic markers, museums and legacy sites of a bygone era
14 Thunder Bay October 2017 IFS 14 Der Reihe nach Complete this mission as part of the October 2017 IFS.