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# Name Portale Aktion
1 Loooop 34 Beliebig Do the full outer London Overground loop.
2 Buddhist London 8 Der Reihe nach A guided tour of Buddhist places in London. Opening hours vary and you'll probably need public transport or a bike. It starts at Elephant and Castle.
3 Wimbledon - SW19 8 Der Reihe nach Wimbledon - famous for tennis, football and wombles.
4 Stockwell 8 Der Reihe nach This mission starts at the war memorial with deep level shelter entrance painted by local children. It finishes at Stockwell Bus Garage, a structure known for its architecture.
5 Nonsuch mission 13 Der Reihe nach There is none such mission like it!
6 Pick a peck of Peckham 12 Der Reihe nach Explore Peckham starting with the area near the library and the main shopping street Rye Lane.
7 Kennington 12 Der Reihe nach Kennington is home to Oval cricket ground, and a former palace.
8 Go by GOBLIN 12 Beliebig Travel on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line (GOBLIN)
9 Tooting - SW17 14 Der Reihe nach Tooting is known for having two tube stations, two markets, two hospitals and lots of curry.
10 Brodick seafront 11 Der Reihe nach This is a gentle stroll down the seafront at Brodick, Isle of Arran.
11 A tour of UCL 13 Beliebig A quick tour of University College London in Bloomsbury, one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.
12 Balham - SW12 6 Der Reihe nach Balham is the rapidly gentrifying area between posh Clapham and diverse Tooting.
13 ELLiXor - East London Line eXtension 18 Beliebig Explore a new bit of London Overground - Clapham Junction to Highbury and Islington through the old London Underground East London Line and Brunel's Thames Tunnel.
14 The Little Mermaid 11 Beliebig Explore the area around the Little Mermaid statue on the waterfront at Langelinie. The statue, by Edvard Eriksen, was opened in 1913.
15 Olympic Park Peramble 21 Der Reihe nach A tour of the Olympic Park in Stratford, home of the 2012 summer Olympics.
16 Walworth 9 Beliebig Walworth Road - once the home of the Labour Party.
17 New Addington tramlink 9 Beliebig Let's go to New Addington!
18 X for Crossness 6 Der Reihe nach Mission 4 in a series of 6 in the London Borough of Bexley. The icon is Crossness Pumping Station. NB This mission is only doable when the sewage works has an open day.
19 Camberwell Beauty 13 Der Reihe nach The name of a butterfly, and also this mission which will guide you through the beautiful, and less beautiful parts of SE5.
Chiswick House
   11-07-2018 21:53
NB Reviewing my own banner

This was a nice excuse to go to somewhere I've not been to before. You don't need access to the house so it's free. The park is closed at park-like closing times (later in summer, earlier in winter).

Two issues - one portal is the wrong side of a stretch of water which is a minor hassle. The ionic temple is in a gated compound and only open rarely. I managed to drift onto it though.

The bridge is a bit steep for wheelchairs etc and doesn't have a handrail. There are toilets by the cafe.

   11-07-2018 21:20
As below the pass phrases don't work.

My major irritation is the first mission which is in any order, but if you go from the 1st portal to the last you go away from the second mission. To avoid walking back do mission 1 in reverse order.

There's one portal that is inside a Kingston University site but I could walk in without being stopped.

Eltham Palace
   02-05-2018 21:00
NB Reviewing my own banner.

Another gamified excuse for an afternoon out. A little 6 part banner around the 1930s art deco house built on the site of /adjacent to an old Royal Palace. The grounds are nice - it has a moat and everything.

There are uniques - I think only one (the well) is accessible from outside. You do have to pay and it's not 24/7 as its only doable when it's open. It's closed every Saturday as well, I'm guessing because weddings are more lucrative.

There are disabled toilets and ramps.

Lesnes Abbey
   02-05-2018 20:44
NB reviewing my own banner.

The first mission isn't in perfect order but it's all good. A little 6 part excuse to visit Lesnes Abbey - nice afternoon out.

Not good in rain. Might be 24 hours (but probably isn't) as it involves access to the playground area. I'd say not good disabled access as it's hilly in places and there were stairs.

I'm proud to say you can't use your car. You might be able to bike it.

MD Maidstone
   07-04-2018 19:43
Two problems - the passphrases, and it's in any order.

There is a list of passphrases floating around as some of them are multi word and it can be hard work to find out what they are expecting.

I did 12 on foot - one of them is outside the centre so you may want to use a bike. It's hilly in places.

   19-02-2018 0:38
I’ve broken the rules -I haven’t fully completed this thing due to Chinese New Year.

However - it’s clearly a lot more than 15 minutes walking. At best I can say it’s 15 minutes walking per mission. It’s an awful route taking you where everyone has been before - all the tourist hotspots, all the same old portals. It takes you down the strand to Trafalgar Square, then Leicester Square. If I go back to finish it i’ll have the delights of Oxford Circus to contend with :(

Contains waypoints including the usual crappy old reviews of restaurants and other things absolutely no-one is interested in. I think the main thing that irritates was the hyping of the 15 minute thing every mission and all the tourists.

Kew Gardens
   18-12-2017 9:13
Obviously not 24/7 as you need to enter Kew Gardens which is quite expensive (£14 in December 2017).

Each mission is any order and the route isn’t great. It takes a lot longer than this site claims - eg mission 9 is 30 mins in game but 11 mins on here. You cannot do on bike as they are not allowed in the grounds!

Kew is full of portals and is well worth a visit.

London XM Research
   26-11-2017 18:12
Did today. All parts are available. Only issues were some old waypoints. 2014 events - really?

Wren s Churches
   22-10-2017 22:30
The banner gets marked down a star as I don’t like the repetition of the images (sorry).

Nice theme and route. Occasionally portals and waypoints were in the wrong order so needed a few heat sinks. I agree that Sundays are the best day to do anything in the City but be warned that pretty much everything is closed. The Cross Keyes is a ‘spoons that worked for a pit stop.

I split the banner at London Bridge/Monument which worked (mission 21 I think).

It may not be 24/7 due to the St Paul’s garden portals.

Peace in the Park
   29-09-2017 22:21
I enjoyed this. It starts at Sloane Square and takes you past the Chelsea Pensioners Hospital, round Battersea Park, and then back north of the river and back to Sloane Square. Some of the nmssions involved doubling back on yourself but it was a generally nice walk.

Butterflies - Lepidoptera Series
   06-08-2017 22:19
The one missing is in Burgess Park. It's available if you go there but isn't being picked up by IM or the intel map for some reason. Obviously not 24/7 as some parks close at dusk.

For my help as much as anyone else's I've grouped them below:

Central London
Green Park, Green Park tube
Regent's Park, Regent's Park/Baker Street tube
St James' Park, St James' Park/Westminster tube
Hyde Park, Hyde Park corner/Knightsbridge tube
Kensington Gardens, Knightsbridge/Lancaster Gate tube

South London
Battersea Park, Battersea
Brockwell Park, Herne Hill
Burgess Park, Peckham (bus from Elephant)
Dulwich Park, Dulwich
Greenwich Park, Greenwich
Richmond Park, Richmond
Tooting Bec (common?), Tooting Bec station
The Rookery, Streatham Common

North London
Alexandra Palace, Wood Green tube/A Palace station
Highbury Fields, Drayton Parl stn/Highnury & islington tube
Finsbury Park, Manor House tube/Finsbury Park stn
Broomfield Park, Palmer's Green, Enfield
Oak Hill Park, Barnet
Paradise Park, Holloway Road
Markfield Park, Tottenham
Primrose Hill, St Johns Wood/Chalk Farm tube
Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath (Gospel Oak station)

East London
Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, Stoke Newington station
Victoria Park, Hackney, Hackney Wick station
Valentine's Park, between Ilford and Gants Hill
Lloyd Park, Walthamstow (not the one in Croydon)
Queen Elizabeth Park, Stratford
Ridgeway Park, Chingford

West London
Elthorne Park, Ealing (not the one in Islington)
Holland Park, Holland Park tube

Whitstable Oyster
   29-07-2017 21:49
Fine banner taking you everywhere there is to go in Whitstable. It's a bit repetitive in places but that's the fault of Whitstable for not having enough portals.

Disability: narrow in places
24/7: involves entering the castle grounds which closes at night (I think)

   23-07-2017 22:59
I enjoyed this. It took me about 2 1/2 hours on foot but I was smashing too.

24/7: it may be possible to get some of the portals from the street but it's much much easier to go into the parks.

Disability: very high pavements and a steep slope at one point

London Sky Walker
   19-07-2017 23:43
This is a quick and easy banner around Bank in the City of London. My only problems were GPS drift and lack of data throughput (I had signal but nothing happening).

24/7: it's all streets
Disability: might depend on how busy it is. Sunday afternoons are quiet, rush hour less so.

The Bridge From St Pauls
   16-07-2017 21:29
I enjoyed this. It pairs very well with the Bridge to St Paul's which I did first as I was coming from the south. This takes you from St Paul's tube over Blackfriars Bridge.

24/7: think this is fine
Disability: There were two points that involved stairs but it may be possible to take a longer way round.

The Bridge to St Pauls
   16-07-2017 21:22
I enjoyed this. I did this first, and the from St Paul's one afterwards as I was coming from the south.

24/7: I'm going to say no as you need to access portals in the churchyard which is locked at a certain time. It may be possible to drift but it may not be. I wouldn't presume you always can.

Disability: involves crossing the millennium (wobbly) bridge which has ramps.

Dover Castle Tour
   15-07-2017 20:38
This was really well done and despite being hack any order it worked well. It would have been very easy to make this without considering how you'd walk around the site but this was a nice route.

It starts at the top of the castle and you make your way to the exit. Some of the castle has disabled access (and there is a little train) but I don't think you can easily do this without hills and stairs. Walking to the castle from Dover itself is strenuous. Serious hill but that's what makes it a good spot for a castle..

Obviously not 24/7 as you can only go when it's open. Admission charge of £20 or free with English Heritage membership.

Dover Seafront Tour
   15-07-2017 20:32
I enjoyed this. There were a couple of niggles - mostly around building work in Dover, and it doubles back on itself. Nice picture and recommended.

24/7 think so
Disability think this is fine

   09-07-2017 23:06
I enjoyed this. It starts in a slightly odd place in St Katharine Docks and takes you round there and the tower of London, ending back at the docks, near where NL1331 was when it came to London in 2016.

24/7: It won't be as the tower area closes at night (I don't know about the docks)

Disability: Lots of people and some narrow bits. I think you can avoid stairs. Free public toilets in the docks.

   09-07-2017 22:59
Fun little banner. Took me around a redeveloped area of Kings Cross that I didn't know.

It is hack any order and it wasn't that bad, but still marked down for it.

Disability: Involves crossing a canal but there is a ramp at either side.

Hastings Seafront tour
   08-07-2017 21:35
This starts quite a way from the station - be warned- and ends in Bexhill. You can get a bus back to Hastings from there.

I enjoyed this, although I stopped at 12/18 due to sun, tiredness and anker problems.

One of the early ones needs a portal on a harbour pier which is closed for building work. You can get close enough by going to the side of it.

This was good until I got to part 11. It was a long walk down an A road and wasn't the lovely seaside walk I was expecting. 12 is a tour of residential areas which ends near a pub. I ended there and got the bus back. I don't know if the final 6 were going to go back to the shoreline but I bailed at that point.

Route: Warning is not sequential but was generally okay.
Disability: Walking to the harbour pier involved serious pebbles.
24/7: Think so
Bonus: Miniature railway goes to near the start. £2 for a ride on a little steam train, which is clearly also peddle powered.

Dragon Of The East
   02-07-2017 23:59
I enjoyed this - particularly the parks. Only a few quibbles - there were a few occasions where the next portal was not the nearest one so I had to use a heat sink.

My major issue was the chess portal. I've no idea where it is in reality - I couldn't get on it from the Westfield but managed to by going up the escalator on the outside. This took me about 20 minutes. *grr*

The final two/three missions walked me to West Ham. I'm sure there must be other portals in Stratford to avoid that.

But these are niggles it was fun - recommended. Got over 100 uniques from it :)

Bournemouth Banner
   01-07-2017 22:43
Day trip to Bournemouth to do this banner. Warning - it is in any order not sequential.

It's really badly designed. For example one mission has two portals on the shore by the pier and then one that takes you past it. The next mission involves going back to the pier to go to the end.. My personal least favourite was one that seemed to be designed to be done on a dual carriageway without a pavement. This site says 15 minutes - it took me nearer 45. I stopped after 18/24 as I'd spent 6 hours on it.

24/7: No as it involves going to the end of the pier. This will also cost you just over a £. Other portals are in a churchyard which closes at night.

Disability: There may be ways to do this without stairs but Bournemouth is full of them.

Soho Rainbow
   25-06-2017 23:15
Did this on foot as it started where the monopoly banner ended. I agree with TOO MANY WAYPOINTS.

Accessibility: It should be 24/7
Disability: Pavements were full of people and tables meaning I had to go into the road. No stairs though.

Monopoly London
   25-06-2017 23:07
I liked this. I did it in 3 goes - Elephant to Euston, Euston to Blackfriars and Blackfriars to Soho.

The first afternoon was a long walk from Elephant and Castle (Old Kent Road) to Tower Bridge, then Fenchurch Street, Aldgate, Whitechapel, City Road, Angel, Kings Cross, Euston. It was a long walk but it was in bits of London i didn't know that well.

The second one was from Euston to Regents Park, Marylebone, Mayfair, Pall Mall and then to Embankment (which would make another good break point) then along the river the Blackfriars.

The last one was shorter. Blackfriars to Fleet Street, Aldwych, Strand, Covent Garden, and the increasing hell of the west end in tourist season culminating in Oxford Street - arrgh. Thankfully at the end the missions are a bit shorter. It ends in Soho Square.

My only criticism is that I would have liked descriptions relating to the monopoly board. Did we cover Northumberland Avenue? I'd like to have been told as I was doing it.

Access: i think this is 24/7.
Disability: It's a bit of a walk and areas were crowded but I think it's doable.

   17-06-2017 22:32
NB reviewing my own banner

The first mission is a pain. A local may know of a way through the golf course but I ended up walking a km down two roads. It's possible that getting the tram from Mitcham Junction to Beddington Lane may work.

It gets better from there. I enjoyed the walking through the common and the puzzle of trying to get to some portals when the path isn't obvious and the terrain impassable. I walked through head high (!) stinging nettles in one place!

Accessibility: Involves walking on the common - rough ground and hills. Toilet at the station but otherwise passes the Wetherspoons where a half of lime & soda is 40p.

   03-06-2017 22:41
Dunno if I'm allowed to review my own banner but here goes!

Starts at Wimbledon Station, goes to Wimbledon 'Village' then to the common, then Canizarro Park then more common including the Windmill. Sadly there is not the portal density in some places so there is a long walk between portals. It was quite a nice walk. There is an aviary in the park, the windmill museum on the common and lots of woodland.

Disability: Hilly in places, uneven ground and narrow pavements. Public toilets near the Windmill.

Many of the paths on the common say 'no cycling'.

It ends by the Vatican Embassy. You can get the 93 bus back to Wimbledon Station.

Chesham Banner
   29-05-2017 23:22
I enjoyed this although it was a bit repetitive in places. It involves going through a park which may close at night, but couldn't see any signs to that effect.

Disability: narrow pavements, roads without pavements and hills. Don't think there were any stairs.

The station is at the end of the Metropolitan Line and cost me £4.10 single from central London. There's a toilet in the station and in the park.

View from Royal Victoria Dock
   28-05-2017 22:11
Did this today. It starts at Royal Albert DLR and takes you around and past Excel to the other side of the dock. It's not in sequence and there were some hassles due to Crossrail works and the event at Excel.

There is no disabled access (unless the GPS gods like you) as part 6 involves a portal and waypoint in the middle of a bridge and the lifts were out of order. It seemed like 6 or 8 flights of metal stairs up and down :(

It's probably 24/7.

Build it up Clear it down
   27-05-2017 23:10
I was disappointed by this. It didn't take me to the interesting bits of Chatham (like the historic bits of the dockyard) and finished in the middle of nowhere (St Mary's island). I know there is a banner that can take you back but I ended up having to get a bus.

There's one portal that is just beyond the residents entrance to the former dockyard which doesn't have public access. I got stopped by security but managed to drift onto it.

Disabled access: lots of hills and narrow uneven pavements.
24/7: Involves entering a park but don't know if it closes at night, or whether portals are accessible from outside.

Southend Pier
   21-05-2017 21:24
I went to Southend to do this banner and I enjoyed myself. It takes you from the main shopping street along the coastline and finishing at the pier itself. It took me to everywhere I'd want to see as an afternoon tourist - the cliff railway, the Kursaal, seaworld, the big wheel, the wonderfully named Happidrome.

You have to pay to access the pier itself - £2 if you walk both ways, more if you use the railway. This means that the banner is only completable when the pier is open. The portals may not be reachable if you get the pier railway too (I didn't check).

This also means you can't really do this banner and the BRO one on the same day as they both involve walking the length of the pier and back. Also no bikes allowed on the pier.

Ingress Audio Player
   14-05-2017 20:51
I enjoyed this. The easiest way to start it was to walk from Aldwych. I agree that 2 and 3 could be confusing as the missions are not numbered. There were a few where I'd hacked the next portal so had to use a heatsink - this is what common heatsinks are for, no?

The missions themselves are sequential rather than in any order. It's the actual order of missions that is confusing.

Alien Invasion
   06-05-2017 22:27
This was quite fun. Think it involved going through a park so may not be 24/7.

   06-05-2017 22:26
One of the portals involves going onto private property. Someone got it by climbing a tree, I gave up.

Victoria Park Banner
   06-05-2017 22:24
This is completable. The towpath says it is closed, but cross over the road and there are stairs down the other side of the bridge. The towpath is open as there are joggers etc.

It's a bit of a trek and the route is a bit convoluted in places. There is one portal, one of the park gates, which has clearly been moved to be in someone's house. It was hard to get onto it but I managed it. I also had crazy GPS drift in one part.

Disability: to get to Pirate Jymm I needed to go down stairs without handrails.

Richmond Ramble
   05-05-2017 22:30
I enjoyed doing this and would recommend it. However the photo isn't great, and I kept having to double back on myself which irritated.

Disability: There's a steep hill which might cause problems, and stairs (which may be avoidable).
24/7: Involves going into some parks but not sure if you can reach them outside.

NB It does end up near Richmond Park, but not near where the park banner starts.

A day at the museum
   01-05-2017 1:22
Obviously not 24/7 as you have to go in the museums (this is a good thing). I enjoyed doing it but it is incomplete as only 24/48 are available.

Which dull park
   01-05-2017 1:19
Nice set of missions ruined by a silly faction banner.

Tooting Broadway Station
   01-05-2017 1:12
This is a repetitive banner starting at Tooting Broadway station and taking you to Figges Marsh, and then back again by exactly the same route. Zzz

The River Wandle
   01-05-2017 1:09
I liked doing this. It starts near Wandle Park tram stop in Croydon and takes you to the Thames. I did it on foot and over 2 afternoons. It's probably easier by bike.

I don't think it's 24/7 as it's not lit, but each to their own.