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# Name Portale Aktion
1 First Saturday Shrewsbury 2019 17 Der Reihe nach An #IngressFS mission to take you around the town centre
2 Attingham Park Woodland Walk 12 Der Reihe nach Soak up the history of Attingham Park and Woodlands
3 Abbey Foregate Walk 8 Der Reihe nach Enjoy a stroll around historic Abbey Foregate, home to Shrewsbury Abbey and the heart of Cadfael country.
4 Jackfield Walk 4 Beliebig
5 The finer things in life 6 Beliebig Enjoy the good company, and good humour of the locals of Sutton Coldfield.
6 Wonderful Wellington 7 Versteckte Mission Explore the Market Town of Wellington
7 Ironbridge Walk 5 Der Reihe nach Starting at the Dale End park Car park, enjoy a gentle stroll along the river and back to the birth of the Industrial Revolution.
8 Shrewsbury's Town Walls 7 Der Reihe nach Walk the medieval walls of Shrewsbury and see the change of the town from medieval times to the modern day
9 Attingham Park Short Walk 7 Der Reihe nach Enjoy a short walk through the grounds of Attingham Park, and once the mission is over you can take either the Mile Walk or the Woodland Walk.
10 Quarry Walk 14 Beliebig Enjoy a stroll around the beautiful Quarry and Dingle.
11 Telford Town park 12 Der Reihe nach Enjoy a lovely stroll around Telford Town Park
12 First Saturday - Shrewsbury 12 Der Reihe nach In honour of the First Saturday Event, take a tour around Shrewsbury and take in some of its historic sites.
13 The Golden Mile 12 Der Reihe nach 12 pubs, 12 portals...
14 Shrewsbury Pilgrimage 14 Beliebig Visit Shrewsbury's places of worship