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Ingress Logo Exeter
   11-10-2018 14:46
Nice artwork. Still a fair old walk but a lot easier than some of the other Exeter banners (cathedral banner, all the colours of the sun).

Passphrase help: There is a question about AP needed for L8, remove a 0 from the actual correct answer to get the answer needed for the passphrase. For the question about link range from a L5 portal the expected answer is that from a portal which is only just L5 (e.g. 8-7-6-6-5-5-2-1). And there is one about hack times with heatsinks which needs to be rounded up.

Some parts are doable by car, but bicycle or feet are needed for others.

All Colours Under The Sun
   08-10-2018 15:33
Multi day banner, very hard work (you will almost certainly be swearing at various points) but worth it. Even if you go by bike they will be a fair bit of walking involved - a car would only really help if you have someone who can drive around to meet you at various points. Great view of the sunset in mission 22 if you time it right.