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Leuven Banner
   13-09-2017 11:25
Very easy to achieve, a difficulty on the first question, Wikipedia or/and local player are very useful. Be carefull some portals ara in a parc who close at night.

   13-09-2017 11:21
Fluid itinerary, some difficulties on the place Flagey, some portals are very close.

Belgian Revolution 1830
   13-09-2017 11:18
Fast and easy, good work!

Ceci n est pas une pipe
   13-09-2017 11:16
Complete this one with the fresque "ceci est une pipe" to have the original painting of Magritte. Nice job!

Ceci est une pipe
   13-09-2017 11:13
Nothing to say, good one!

Brugse Zot
   13-09-2017 11:11
Really easy, and usefull to start other missions from the city center, if you come from the train station.

De Haan
   13-09-2017 11:06
If you have some time to kill, really easy. Perhaps a other picture would be more attractive...

Lille Portals invasion
   13-09-2017 11:04
Really nice picture, this banner is very easy to do.

Fresque Verdun
   13-09-2017 11:01
Some difficulties encountered during mission 4/6, the portal "christ en chêne" is in the cathedral, my scanner had some difficulties to catch it.

Discover Metz
   13-09-2017 10:55
Beautiful ballad in Metz, fairly easy to achieve. The whole is well thought out and it is very easy to park near the Center Pompidou (beginning and end of the fresco)

The Lion
   13-09-2017 10:50
Banniere very long to realize, mainly by car with some stops to stretch your legs. My opinion: do not do it alone, it is more distracting to several.

Balade de lln
   13-09-2017 10:46
My first one. Banniere really easy, very fluid.

Wavre Capital de Brabant Wallon
   13-09-2017 10:44
The most difficult banner I made. Attention some portals are not accessible at night.